Aquila Veterinary Services and the Portable Vetario T30 ICU

25th May 2022 Case Studies

Aquila Veterinary Services Ltd was set up as an independent mobile veterinary business, serving zoo, exotic and avian clients across Norfolk and Suffolk. It was established in 2020 by Dr Elliott Simpson-Brown MRCVS, who has a passion for all things different when it comes to patients!

‘We work with falconry centers, small zoos and private exotic keepers to maintain the health of their animals, providing on-site veterinary care, as well as working with local practices. Having worked in mixed small and large animal work for five years before setting up his own practice, Elliott saw the value in providing the best level of care possible. Where potentially rare and endangered species are involved, only the best and most trustworthy equipment should be employed.

The Vetario Intensive Care T30 (Advance) unit is vitally important to providing the highest level of care to our patients. The consistent temperature control allows for ensuring that recovering or critically ill patients, especially small mammals and birds, are cared for providing the best chances of survival. Having used the TLC-50 in my previous practice, I was impressed with the accuracy of temperature control, as well as the quality and reliability of the design of Brinsea products.

Working as a mobile zoo, exotics and avian vet, portability was a challenge to overcome. With the Vetario T30 being adaptable to be powered from a 12V vehicle socket, this now allows me to transport more critical patients safely.

Aside from the reliable and durable design, the ability to easily and quickly disinfect the Vetario T30 makes it a more favorable way of both housing and transporting small critically ill patients. Having three of the four sides as non-visible (opaque material), stress caused by external stimuli can be kept to a minimum – with the door being a clear viewing window that can easily be covered if needs be.’


Dr Elliott Simpson-Brown BVSc MRCVS

Elliott now works for International Zoo Veterinary Group based in West Yorkshire.