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Brinsea Products Ltd are the manufacturers of veterinary intensive care units which are marketed under the Vetario brand name.


About Brinsea Products

Brinsea® Products Ltd was established in 1976 in Somerset, UK, by Frank Pearce, an engineer with an interest in breeding birds. The interest became a passion, and the engineering knowledge channelled his enthusiasm to produce the most innovative egg incubators and bird brooders available. Brinsea continues this work today, developing new and innovative products both for bird breeding and small animal veterinary care.

Since its humble beginnings Brinsea has developed into a highly professional team, each member of which is properly qualified for the job. However, Brinsea is still very much a family business devoted to the production of bird breeding products and intensive care products of the finest quality and value for money, and to the best possible service to customers.


Brinsea® Products Inc. is pleased to announce that they are now distributing the new, upgraded S40 & S50 Series II models of the Vetario family of intensive care and related products, designed specifically for use in veterinary practices. The new Vetario models have been in development for over two years to ensure that they meet the exacting demands of a busy veterinary practice.

The S30, T30, S40 and S50 are designed for small animals that are sick, injured or undergoing post-operative care. When used for neo-natal care the S30, T30, S40 and S50 should help surgeries meet the requirements of the RCVS Practice Standards.

All Vetario intensive care units incorporate Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection into the cabinets during manufacture. Biomaster Protection is embedded within the plastic itself which prevents the growth of harmful bacteria helping to provide the optimum environment for a speedy recovery. Proven to quickly reduce bacterial growth by up to 99.99% Biomaster Protection is an  effective means of reducing the risk of cross infection from MRSA, E.coli, Campylobacter, Legionella, Salmonella and many other harmful species of bacteria. Find out more by clicking here…

The medical (‘M’) intensive care units, the T40M and the T50M, have a number of additional features which makes them more flexible and better suited to veterinary applications. These additional features include:

  • Oxygen compatibility: The M version is fitted with an oxygen connector and can be safely operated with increased oxygen concentrations to aid recovery
  • Drugs can be conveniently administered to the patient using the supplied medicine reservoir connected to your nebuliser pump (suitable nebuliser pumps are available from your Vetario distributor)
  • Fully tested by BSI for product safety to the Animal and Medical incubator standards in UK and are classified as RX (prescription) products under FDA guidelines and are suitable for use by veterinarians only.

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