Polygiene Biomaster Antimicrobial Additives

Antimicrobial Plastic

Vetario intensive care units incorporate Polygiene BioMaster Antimicrobial Product Protection into the cabinets during manufacture. Polygiene BioMaster Silver ion technology provides Product Protection against unwanted microorganisms that could damage the cabinet.

Independently laboratory testing demonstrated a 99.99% reduction in microbes after 24 hours.

Benefits of Biomaster:

  • Polygiene BioMaster prevents the growth of unwanted microbes that can cause product degradation, discoloration, staining or odors
  • Utilizes silver ion technology preventing microbes from multiplying
  • Odorless
  • Effective Antimicrobial product protection for the lifetime of the product
  • Silver provides durable antimicrobial treatment

Polygiene BioMaster has been applied to the following products:

  • Vetario S30
  • Vetario T30
  • Vetario S40 & Vetario S40 Series II
  • Vetario S50 & Vetario S50 Series II
  • Vetario T40M
  • Vetario T50M

The antimicrobial technology does not protect the user or others against disease causing organisms. The technology is not a substitute for good hygiene/ and or cleaning practices.

*Parts treated with Polygiene BioMaster are all the opaque mouldings as these are the most likely areas where cross contamination might occur.

Products made with Polygiene BioMaster still need cleaning thoroughly as the effect is at the plastic surface only.

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