Reggie Recovers in Vetario ICU

30th July 2023 Case Studies

‘Reggie was brought to me at 5 days old when his mum had sadly died following complications from a C section. Reggie’s vets reached out for help as the owners were struggling to rear Reggie, he had been losing weight rather than gaining, even when he was with mum which is always a huge red flag (one pup getting all the milk should be fat and thriving!). After providing the owners with appropriate rearing advice they asked if I would be willing to rear Reggie for them as wanted to give him the best chance. His future was uncertain and I really felt a lot of pressure in saving Reggie, more for the owners as they were completely heartbroken at losing their dog.’

Reggie recovering n the Brinsea Vetario ICU

‘So, Reggie stayed with me for four weeks whilst he received intensive round the clock care which consisted of 2 hourly feeds (day and night), as well as a course of antibiotics for a gut infection which surely saved his life. For the first couple of weeks, Reggie needed to stay in my Vetario incubator to maintain his body temperature. Being underweight also meant he had more trouble regulating his body temperature so the Vetario intensive care unit really provided him with that extra boost. Once he was strong enough and fully weaned, Reggie was returned home to his owners. Although Reggie’s mum did not survive, it was so lovely to be able to give the owners a piece of her back in the form of Reggie. The owners are so grateful and it really makes it all worthwhile to provide some comfort and healing from such a sad situation.’

Jessie Blyth, RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse (UK)