Specialist Puppy Rescue Gets Vetario T30 Portable Incubators

18th January 2021 Case Studies

A charity formerly rescuing Bulldogs have re-opened their rescue to cater for special needs puppies (and the occasional kitten.) ‘Breeds In Need’ were seeing an increasing demand for orphan care when owners and breeders alike were faced with the dilemma of putting a puppy to sleep when they required treatment for complex conditions such as clefts, hydrocephalus etc. Currently in the UK, there are minimal services available to offer help in these circumstances. This is where Breeds in Need have stepped up and created a trained team of fosterers with veterinary experience who volunteer round the clock to save the lives of puppies that would otherwise be euthanized.

‘Rearing such delicate puppies, some of which arrive close to death, requires dedication as well as expert equipment to ensure they have the best chance of survival. Recently, Breeds in Need received two of the Vetario T30 Intensive Care Units. To say they have been a godsend is an understatement as these incubators have already benefited many puppies in their vital first stages of rearing.

The main asset of these units is the fact they are portable, something fosterers heavily rely on when called upon to collect a puppy in need. The incubator’s small size means they can be stored easily for quick access and their lightweight structure makes carrying them to a vehicle hassle free. Now comes the real treat, these incubators can be plugged into the car! Whilst en route to collect a puppy the incubator is already functioning and will be at its correct temperature at the point of collecting the puppy. The temperature can be set at the push of a button and gives complete piece of mind especially when a pup is presented as cold and collapsed. Anyone experienced in hand rearing knows the first priority is make sure an orphan is warm. If an orphan is cold, it cannot be fed and so when using the incubator on the journey home, the orphan is likely to be in a more stable condition.

For Breeds in Need, this has taken the stress out of transporting puppies, as sometimes it can be hours of driving to get the puppy to a fosterer. Before, microwavable heat pads were used and this required monitoring to ensure the puppy wasn’t too warm or exposed to draughts along the journey. Now, we can collect puppies knowing they are warm and safe in the incubators. We are in love with the Vetario products and hope to fundraise for the larger incubators in the near future. It’s with thanks to the customer service and knowledgeable communication from Mike at The Incubator Shop and Sally at Brinsea Products Ltd that we can save more lives and improve the standard of care we provide.

For completely confidential assistance with puppies in need please call 07817 235023 or email breedsinneeduk@gmail.com. We are working with veterinary professionals around the country and in time, hope to show that if these puppies are given a lifeline, they have the chance at a normal, happy life.’


Jessie Blyth, RVN